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Choose Your Happy

Here it is. The obligatory first blog post.

I’m sitting here, with Harry Potter on in the background — it’s Hermione Granger weekend. Since when did this become a thing? I kind of like it. We could all learn a lot of from Hermione — embrace your true self even when other don’t, be brave, smart is sexy, true friendship is a treasure, stand up for what you believe in (right doesn’t always equal popular)… She’s a literary character that I would be proud for my daughter to look up to. Brutal honesty here — look up to her. Those are qualities I’m striving to emulate in myself.

When I sat down and wrote out all my goals at the beginning of January, I was painfully real with myself. I listed all the things I wanted to accomplish, in every aspect of my life. I told myself that instead of letting excuses dictate my life, I was going to flip those excuses over and turn those excuses into my reasons for kicking ass. I don’t know about y’all, but excuses annoy me. Even when I would give them, it made me a little crazy. Deep down, I always knew that was the biggest reason that I didn’t accomplish the things I wanted to. Occasionally, there was a good reason for failure, but more often than not, it was me. I wasn’t happy. And I can assure you, there wasn’t a lack of reasons to be happy. We moved to a small town that I’m in love with; I have three adorably gorgeous children. I have a super hunky, sweet, fun husband; I am blessed beyond measure. But I was in a bad funk, partly out of grief of losing my mom, partly out of anxiety and depression. And it was up to me, to get myself there — to being happy.

Did I hit those goals I wrote out for myself for the month of January?  Nope. Sure didn’t. And the old me would’ve sulked about it, and played the blame game, and gotten angry at myself for failing. I didn’t. I
chose to change the way I looked at the goals I fell short of, and I focused on the goals I did crush.  You know what happened then? I realized that I created a path that set me up for even more success this month. I work
ed out a few days every week instead of throwing in the towel when I missed a day (or two). I reminded myself that tomorrow is a new day when I forgot to do a devotional as part of my newly developing morning routine. I gave myself grace when I gave myself another hour of sleep when Baby Bear had a rough night, instead of getting up to enjoy coffee and quiet time before little feet hit the ground running. I focused on making my next meal a little healthier when I had to scarf down a pb & j with the kids because I didn’t plan better. And I’m happy about it. 

It’s a mindset, y’all. You think about it and go, well yeah, of course. But it’s a lot harder to apply when you’re not programmed that way. I grew up around a lot of negativity, which isn’t something I realized until my later years, so I unfortunately have to work to overturn those bad habits, because that’s exactly what they are — learned habits. I have to work at being positive. At being happy. It’s a complete mindset makeover. But, it’s so worth it. I’ve seen such a difference in my life since I made the conscious decision to embrace these new habits and mindset. To not only be happy in the midst of crappy circumstances (such a having sick kids for almost 5 weeks straight), but to be grateful for what I have and what I’m surrounded by versus what I don’t.

It’s part of my goals and vision board to devour personal development — so I’m readying a book called Happy on Purpose. I’m sure you’re reading this, rolling your eyes (because that’s 100% what I would’ve done the first time I tried Beachbody and they preached personal development all the time), but y’all — it works. It’s so, so helpful. Personal development is literally exactly what it says: it’s a form of developing your person into a better version of yourself. Release the stigma of self help, and embrace the happy! Anyway, Jennifer Sparks (the author) says right from the get go: “Happiness is absolutely your choice.” You have to make the choice to be happy, even when life feels like it’s falling apart around you. Nobody else can make that choice for you. Likewise, you also have to make the choice to love who you are. Nobody can do that for you either.

I’m going to wrap this up, because you know, with my affinity for words and my passion about this I could go on for awhile… So I’m going to leave you with these thoughts. Choose your happy. Love yourself. Embrace who you are. Embrace where you are. Share your passions. Remember that there’s nobody else in the world exactly like you, and celebrate that. Seek the silver lining.  Be brave. 

And if all else fails, ask “what would Hermione do?” Just kidding. (Not really…)

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